The Wenger Endowment


Endowments are one of the most popular forms of giving because they produce sustainable income for The Wenger Foundation—forever! This means that your gift will continue to give in perpetuity, even after you has passed away. The Wenger Foundation has established an endowment which can accept single, a series of smaller gifts, or be given through your will or trust. Funds are deposited with The Wenger Foundation, and every year a portion of the income is distributed to the nonprofit you’ve mutually agreed upon. Typically, an endowment distributes 4 to 5% of its market value.


Cash or Items of Marketable Value

Stocks or Bonds

Real Estate

Life Insurance Policies


Faithward Advisors has been managing assets for individuals and institutions for over 25 years. Their team employs a strong research process to ensure proper implementation of biblically responsible investment (BRI) decisions. To achieve this oversight, their investment committee is comprised of both inside and outside investment professionals. This team provides Faithward Advisors with real-time feedback, as well as years of investment management experience, to make sure our values are reflected without compromising our investment objectives.

Faithward’s “proud to own” process seeks out companies that have a positive impact on society while also focusing on companies with strong profit potential. They utilize four key pillars when investing funds:

  • Balanced Allocations – Proper weighting of stocks, bonds, other asset classes, as well as cash can help provide consistent returns to investors.
  • Broad Diversification – Putting all the “eggs in one basket” can leave investors exposed to more risk.
  • Long-Term Vision – Time and patience can create more stability and higher yields.
  • Active Professional Management – Investment company research, experience, expertise, market access, and negotiating power help maximize performance.
One Creative Way to Give


A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a charitable giving account designed exclusively to invest, grow, and give assets to charities for meaningful and lasting impact.  It allows the donor to independently control the timing of the deduction and the timing of the gift to the charity.  Here’s how it works:

Tax-Deductible Gifts

You can contribute all kinds of assets, not just cash and checks, but also non-cash gifts like stocks and business interests.

Investment Options

Select from our Biblically Responsible Investment models that give your fund balance the opportunity for tax-free growth.


Recommend a grant to a charity you care about and The Wenger Foundation sends the money for you.

For more information about The Wenger Endowment, please contact Rose Walmer at 717-866-2130 or email, or Bernie Bostwick of Faithward Advisors at 717-560-8300 or email