In Loving Memory of Carl Wenger

MAY 20, 1932 – APRIL 30, 2021

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Who We Are

The Wenger Family
In 1947, Carl Wenger began working as a “nickel man” at local auctions when he was only 14. He purchased tools that needed repairs, fixed them and resold them. After marrying Margaret Buffenmeyer in 1950, the couple began dairy-farming in Myerstown, PA. In 1952, as an echo of his “nickel man” days, Carl starting buying and selling used farm equipment and tractors and within several years, that endeavor had blossomed into Wengers Farm Machinery. While Carl grew the business, Margaret spent her time in the home raising their seven children.

What We Care About

Faith. Family. Farming. Community.

The services that we are passionate about are as diverse as the community that we call home. Over the years, we have developed and honed our areas of focus through the shared interests of Carl and Margaret, and their children and grandchildren who are involved in the Foundation.

Events & Gatherings


    Tuesday, April 30, 2024

    We invite you to attend the Annual Praise Dinner where you will enjoy a delicious meal with friends, hear an inspirational speaker and tap your shoes to the sounds of Christian music. Over the years we’ve hosted this event, the generosity of our community has been overwhelming.

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  • 100 WOMEN GIVING $100

    Monday, November 20, 2023

    If you like homemade lemon ricotta cookies and spending time with other women who are compassionate about loving their community, you will want to attend the 100 Women Giving $100 Event. Nothing is sweeter than women coming together for the common purpose of helping other women find a safe and loving place to heal from their personal challenges or crisis and experience the love of others.

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The Wenger Endowment

It is generous donors like you who help the Wenger Foundation continue to implement its mission of community support and involvement year after year. Consider contributing to our vision so that together, we can extend a greater impact on our community.





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